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Because of receiving many requests from our visitors in Indonesiad.com for finding a fellow traveler to the different part of Indonesia, we finally decided to start a blog that you can share your posts, stories and experiences about this really beautiful country, Indonesia. Also, you may find some friend with a common interest and start massaging to each other to building a relationship for your next trip around Indonesia. We would appreciate that users of this website respect each other and if there is any concern please contact us for further discussion. We are not following any conversation and we wave any liability that may cause for misleading information. This is your direct responsibility to search and find the correct and reliable information and we do not accept any responsibility. We may moderate, change or reject your posts that are not according to our Terms and Condition or Privacy Policy that you can find on the website.

We hope you find this blog helpful and introducing/sharing us with your other friends and families.

Truly Yours


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