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There is nothing more beautiful than marital bliss. During the first few months of your marriage, you might want to spend more time with your significant other. Where you choose to go on a honeymoon decides whether or not you will form lasting memories.

Selecting a good honeymoon destination requires some thought. You need a place which is quiet yet romantic. Something which has a breathtakingly beautiful. Indonesia is known to be a hub of beautiful honeymoon destinations. This is why you should have your honeymoon in Indonesia. Here are some of the places you can go to ensure that your Indonesia honeymoon becomes unforgettable.


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For those of you who wish to be surrounded by nature as you figure each other out, Bali might be just the place you need. This tropical island is marked by beautiful sceneries and interesting culture. Since it is an island, there are very few people around. You will be able to enjoy time with your spouse away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities. However, a honeymoon isn’t just about the alone time. Instead, you must do enough activities to make sure that the trip becomes unforgettable.

This is where Bali might help you out. The island is full of activities which are bound to be perfect for couples. Whether it be yoga retreat or couple massages, it has it all. Just because you want your Indonesia honeymoon to be romantic doesn’t mean you choose a place that isolates you completely. Bali succeeds in delivering a balance between alone time and adventures. This is what makes it an excellent choice for a couple getaway. 


remondong beach bangka island

This destination has become quite popular over the years, for both tourists and couples who wish to go for honeymoon in Indonesia. A lot of people consider it to be a site that they must visit when they come to Indonesia. One of the reasons for its popularity is its serenity.

This serenity is what makes it a great spot for newly-weds as well. In order to get to know each other, taking some time off from your busy lives is important. There is something exotic and calming about the Island of Belitung. Whether it be the sea or the mere scenery, everything makes for a perfect romantic getaway.

Rather than having excursions that require a lot of energy, the best couple activity of the place is watching the sunset. Anyone who has ever been to Tanjung Pendam will tell you that the sunset is the most romantic thing ever, making it the best Indonesia honeymoon spot.


Not everyone wishes to do a lot during their honeymoon. While some couples prefer taking up different activities, other merely wish to spend time together. Lombok caters to need of the latter. Lombok is a small island. It doesn’t really have the same appeal and popularity as Bali or Belitung. However, for those who wish for an escape, Lombok is perfect.

The beauty if Lombok is the tranquillity it delivers. Here, you will see nature in its pure raw form. There is nothing artificial about the place. Since it doesn’t really offer a lot of activities, it is not the first choice of tourists.

However, for newly-weds who find enjoyment in each other’s company, Lombok will be the perfect destination. Rather than staying in a resort, you will get a private villa all to yourself. The rates of these villas are quite affordable as well, thereby ensuring that its accessible to all.

Between the beaches and the beauty of nature, you are bound to find yourself at peace in Lombok.


travel to bandung

When it comes to delivering romantic hotels and accommodations, Bandung knows no bounds. There is a reason why it is dubbed to be one of the most romantic cities in Indonesia.

This place is equipped with a balance between nature and comfort. There are quite a lot of resorts you can choose from. These resorts deliver both lone time and an interaction with nature. This is achieved by the strategic placement of private pools which overlook the hills of Bandung.

Hence, you will be able to enjoy the nature and focus on your significant other at the same time.

Komodo Island

komodo national park diving

Komodo Island is known for its history as well as its beauty. Some may remember it as being the habitat of Komodo dragons. However, anyone who has been to the island recently would agree that it is quite romantic.

Komodo Island features Indonesia’s most beautiful beaches. One of the most exotic beaches of all is Pink Beach. This isn’t just a fancy name. The sand of this beach is pink, making it look as if it’s taken out of a fictional world.

Whether it be accommodation or private resorts, Komodo Island has honeymoon packages for different activities. Therefore, there will be a lot of you to do on the island if you honeymoon in Indonesia.


Parangtritis Beach

For couples who wish to explore culture while enjoying a romantic getaway would find Yogyakarta to be an excellent choice. Yogyakarta is an epitome of rich culture and beautiful sceneries. It is full of ancient and majestic palaces. The old buildings of the place are bound to transport you back in time.

You can also choose to explore the nature. With attractions like Pinewoods and viewing decks, there is a lot of nature in Yogyakarta for you to explore. The best thing about the place is that nothing is too overpowering or crowded. By the end of it all, you will have enough energy and time to spend with your spouse. And in a honeymoon, that is all that matters.

Seram island

The chances are you haven’t heard of Seram Island. This is because this island is quite isolated compared to other destinations in Indonesia. This feature itself makes Seram Island an ideal honeymoon destination. You get to get away from the crowd. All you have is each other’s company and the beautiful nature.

The island has a private and breathtakingly beautiful beach called Ora Beach. You can view it as a miniature version of Maldives. From luxurious resorts to fewer inhabitants, Ora beach allows you to be in your little love bubble with minimal distractions.

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 Make sure you have travel insurance and enjoy the heck out of this paradise while you’re here! Happy traveling!

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